My Grandma Yu Mengying

the Book and the Blog

My book is in Chinese. I have decided to re-write it in English because then more people, especially the younger generation who did not grow up in Mainland China, Hong Kong  and Taiwan, can also read it. Even my daughter Stella, who is supposed to have received a bi-lingual education, has difficulty in reading it. She only knows the simplied Chinese.

Yesterday Stella had a blog set up for me. I will put the English book on it, a few pages at a time, as and when I finish them. At the suggestion of several of my readers, I will also compile a tree of names that appear in the book and indicate how they are related. When it is done, you can find it on my blog too.

After these are all done, I will then translate the explanatory notes to the photos. Until then, those who can read Chinese can chip in to help those who do not read Chinese.

Modern technology is wonderful. Here not only I wish to thank everyone who has made the book a reality, but also those hundreds of thousands of people who brought this technology which has enriched our lives immeasurably.


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