Liangzhu Culture (良渚文化)

Liangzhu is a small rural town about an hour’s drive from Hangzhou city center on the way to Huzhou. In 1938, archeologists made significant findings in several neolithic sites around this town. More sites around the Lake Taihu later were found to be of the same age , that is, 3000-2000 bce, and similarly contain black pottery and very finely worked jade objects. In 1959, the term Liangzhu Culture was officially recognized.
Finally, in 2005, an earthen wall, or what is left of it, measuring 1800 meter by 1500 meter was discovered near the town. At the base it measures 40-60 meters. Today we can view the archeological findings in a beautiful new museum near the wall, and an area of 38 sq km which covers many sites has been put under control.
All the school textbooks tell us that the Chinese civilization originated in the Yellow River basin. The Yangtse River delta and the Lake Taihu region were said to be barbaric and made no contribution to it. Now we know that it is not true.
A friend in Hangzhou brought my wife and myself to the museum a few days ago. Next to the wall are green rice paddies. The people who lived here five thousand years ago were already planting rice.
Now I am reading about Liangzhu, which means “A Good Isle in the Water”.


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