Zong Xiusong and Her Family in pictures

Zong Xiusong’s elder brother and her future husband Yu Keshi were the best of friends. Both of them were scholars. They went to Beijing for a special national examination and passed with honors together and became best friends. Scholar Zong then married his younger sister to Yu when the latter’s wife passed away. Yu came from a rice-merchant cum scholar family. From rice mill, he went on to run the first electricity generating factory in Changshu  which became very successful. He was a pioneer among the gentry in Changshu  to embrace modern technology, and sent four of his children to Jiantong University in Shanghai  at the same time to study engineering.


The four students shown in this photo taken in 1937 are (from left) Bingyuan, Dehua, Bingchang, and Bingliang, in their Jiaotong University uniforms.

宗秀松 1920

Zong Xiusong is shown in the 1920s photo when she was the principal of Xueqian Primary School.


This 1972 picture shows (from left) Yu Deming, Yin Guanyuan, Zhou Ling (my wife), and myself.


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