Zhang Hong

Zhang Hong张鸿字隐南 (1861-1941) — scholar, diplomat, educator, and novelist

You have seen this name in “The Chronicle of Events”, also his photo. Zhang Hong was one of the last batch of  Jinshi degree holders in the system’s  long history. He passed the examination held in Beijing in 1904, one year before the system was abolished to the dismay and bewilderment  of the students across China. As a professional diplomat he served  as the consul in Kobe and Nagasaki in Japan, and Inchon in Korea until he retired in 1919 and returned home. He was the principal of Xiaoyou School from 1919 to 1935, and made important contributions to the school and to the community. After the death of his close friend Zeng Pu, author of the popular  novel “Nie Hai Hua”(孽海花),  Zhang Hong wrote the sequel “Xu Nie Hai Hua” of 30 chapters. The book was highly acclaimed, and  was re-published in the 1980s.

The Golden Roll (金榜)

Here is the part of the Golden Roll of the 1904 exam which has  Zhang Hong’s name on it. The original of this document is displayed at the  Keju(科举) Museum in Jiading, a suburb of  Shanghai. The museum is well worth a visit. Take the No.11 subway line to the old town Jiading嘉定, and ask the taxi driver to take you to Kongmiao (Confucius Temple), a short ride away. The museum is housed inside the temple. Imagine you are one of the candidates in the huge crowd  searching for your own name on the Roll.


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